A High-Spec Girl Japorn Debut : Misuzu Tachibana

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A High-Spec Girl Japorn Debut : Misuzu Tachibana
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Description : Once again very popular actress arrival! ? Phantom Lady. [High-spec beauty] smoked Misuzu Tachibana chan in Japoruno blitz Advent! May 15, 1988 was born. Height 161cm. Three sizes B: 88cm (D cup) W: 56cm H: 85cm slender beauty body. Hobby Toka’s handicraft in golf. And deliver such her passion adhesion document! Filled with beautiful and would uncovered the real face of the actress thoroughly, Pies intrinsic document! Best beautiful woman will be and expose the figure of the back before the cock! ! More transparent and seduce you with milk nipples Poti. The garment tits cafe clerk! Defenseless to seduce a man, beauty of obscene Breasts! It will deliver a thorough got boobs angle play. First Misuzu Tachibana-chan! To you and show you the face of the back ♡ please and Naku~tsu miss!