CATWALK POISON 06 : Mimi Asuka

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Description : No way No way No way! ! Large news! ! From best newcomer actress only the most hot studio “catwalk” now that picked the, is the angel of such a beautiful girl, Mimi Asuka-chan appeared over! ! 2008 debut “Fairy L · O · L · I fairy 1”, active crunchy popular erotic ○ over data actress has gained a popular idol average is I’m a rainy day appeared! ! Height 156cm. Three size 80cm 60cm 83cm from the top. Dee Cup! Lori, of the desire to erotic girl Mimi Asuka that specializes in women’s ○ biological raw Chin inserted over! ! “Okkina cock from the front … … of you from behind, why not me uprooted blap plugged into my Ana?” Ear-chan mack with obscene words that can not possibly be imagined from the cute face. How Yuku pierced is Zunzun and black cock in white body and the other, beyond words about the obscene is. Women’s figure seems to be delicate. Stick have suction to swallow If you put your finger into the vagina, ear-chan stare it in an embarrassed look. If you move your finger up or down, I spit at the same time Rabuji juice and cute in a tearful face voice about one cup. Where can I did remember If you add the penis to have a such a simple-minded look? You with the finest of the tongue judgment invite you to heaven. Back of the throat, the back of the pussy, you want to release where the sperm of the ear? That accumulated, I because I put out all …. Not enter refrain. Today, the finest and Russia ○ over data Pretty, Chaimashou out plenty to Mimi Asuka.

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