Immediate Fuck : Karin Aizawa

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Description : First descent in superb Esuwan model Aizawa Karin finally Japoruno of mighty! December 26, 1993 was born. Nara Prefecture. Blood type A type. Height 157cm, the three sizes B: 84cm W: 57cm H: 85cm. And slender body. ‘Ll have to put fascinated by the specialty of Blow to everyone at the first landing! This time immediately inserted! And immediately coalesced into sensitive body immediately after masturbation Karin! ! In addition, posing it with looking, once again inserted time to chance facing the back! The ~ I there still! Immediately inserted burst into the room! It feels good appearance while blushed cheeks irresistible! Please Tsu Please enjoy a per second ecstasy of Karin!

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