Miss Campus Girl Japorn Cream Pie Debut : Mai Kamio

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Description : Debut certain famous university former Miss campus Miss Mai Kamio is out in Japoruno! ! Born September 12, 1992. O type. Height 159cm, the three sizes B: 80cm W: 62cm H: 87cm. And suddenly too erotic in the first Japoruno! Motchiri Nikkan and beautiful skin, bottomless Eros ♡ Kamio Mai full throttle God mode! ! Whether the S-class Erokawa daughter of rumors become fascinated to hell octopus! Pink beauty Man cock specifications rolled alive in super piston! Furthermore, Gusshoriman juice from the face to the whole body hair with sweat, semen samadhi in super injection! ! And I said, Saddle Te also Hamel …! Gutchori beauty without a stop to man! Nonstop Acme out in a row! ! ‘Ll not miss Absolutely!