Sex Cult : Uta Kohaku, Yuka Sawakita, Ami Maeshima, Ai Mizushima

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Description : In a mountain in a certain prefecture, here is a religious organization, the headquarters of the Hame – Pokki lodging association. “We are using sexual acts in cryptic doctrine” “Woman’s gasping voice and bizarre comes to be heard from the facility” Strange rumors are always constantly present in this group, the actual condition is enveloped in a mystery . In order to solve the mystery this time, the interview team succeeded in getting permission to gather the material from the cult, and headed to that headquarters along with the new reporter Mr. Maeda. The believers who greeted us are very courteous and kind, and at first glance the atmosphere is unusual. It was a relieved party, but as soon as the cult ceremony began, there was a metamorphosis that was ridiculous! Believers calling communion with God, exposing genitalia, batting semen and a lot of urine, and chattering each other’s body. With interest, we decided to continue interviewing further deeply …. Last time we entered the mysterious cult group “Hermes? Pocki Lodging Association” we saw an odd sexual ceremony that was taking place inside. Our friend Maeda reporter (Amber song), while puzzled by the behavior of crazy group, succeeded in interviewing with the guru but succeeding in brainwashing the things that will be done. “Brainwashing to immerse your sexual activity.” That was the actual condition of this cult. Those who can unravel brainwashing, restrain themselves and brainwash. Those who tried to escape were sentenced to death. The organization was full of extraordinary madness and eros. Interview with our death, please let me see you too. Works that can experience the world of crazy and erotic which is not extraordinary? The complete version of the SEX Cultural Women’s Body Remodeling Factory? All-you-can-eat crazy cults who wanted to do anything were heading for collapse little by little. Believers exhausted from the structure of the cult and run away. A charism trying to remind the pleasure of sex with raw fuck to solicit them. God disappears, guru disappears. The Maeda reporter who interviewed the previous squad and interfered brainwashed conversely wandered for becoming a pervert and looking for the cock of a man outside. Ultra-real masterpiece depicting the cult madness. Please look forward to it!