Sky Angel Blue Vol.63 : Lemon Mizutama

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Description : March 3, 22-year-old was born in 1989. Born in Nagano Prefecture. Blood type is A type. Unfussy type of popular Pretty polka dot lemon-chan. In an interesting episode of the owner, when it was dumped in the favorite boyfriend that of Sora Aoi, I also if as Sora Aoi again I think that get him to turn around, to Sora Aoi of office to become the AV actress Although went, but was refused because it was still a high school student, this event is in the opportunity, it has revealed that it is now AV actress his blog, and the like. In addition, as a result of consultation to parents to become the AV actress, but would be strongly opposed, it has revealed that it has obtained the consent of the parents at the end of the tenacious persuasion that extends to one month a magazine interview, and the like. Height is 157cm, hobby collected Bryce, reading, cooking, feats speed skating, men of the ideal of androgynous people. Manly, man of refreshing personality. Favorite color is pink. Favorite artists are the brilliant green, Nakashima Mika, Cocco. Favorite food is grilled meat, chicken nuggets. I hate food is lever. First experience is 16 years old. Erogenous zone is the clitoris, nipples, the back. The other day new well is very relationship and Haruka Sanada of AV actress just announced, It is said that yearning is called the “Hey-chan” that Sanada. Already popular polka dot lemon-chan in such a unique character. In Sky Angel to be Japoruno first appearance, finally showing off the beauty Rorirori Man of the eagerly-awaited uncensored thoroughly, Tsu large fully open the Kawaiku’ been naughty its charm!

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